Leadership Succession

Essential Succession Planning

Our succession planning solutions are designed to create a transparent and accountable plan to ensure that internal successors are ready to assume key positions in the organization. Sometimes organizations benefit from a fresh perspective, often struggling to assess their operations and personnel objectively. Whether it’s a company culture that promotes certain behaviors or leadership relying on “gut instincts” to make succession management decisions, there are all sorts of habits that can make it challenging to carry out thorough assessments.

Assessing employees to identify future candidates for senior leadership positions is not an easy task. Many organizations make the mistake of conflating assessment with a performance review. The purpose of our assessment process is to determine whether or not someone possesses the key traits that will contribute to leadership success in the future. While their performance in their current position is a relevant consideration, it should not be the primary focus. Assessment of potential is evaluating people for the future, not just the present.

None of this is possible, however, without a clearly defined methodology. We bring proven, measurable strategies for identifying high-potential candidates. We can tailor our approach to your specific needs and extensive research on what makes for a successful leader.

Organizations cannot build a strong succession pipeline if they don’t know what they want from their leadership positions. Armed with proven assessment methodologies, we can help you clearly define the roles and responsibilities of positions within the organization. Existing positions can be evaluated to determine what qualities and skills leaders need for success with an eye on the future. Once identified, we incorporate into the assessment process to better identify suitable high-potential employees. To better groom candidates for future positions, we assist you with development strategies which will result in a stronger overall leadership succession planning process.

The Aware Leader helps clients identify essential leadership requirements, assess for those prerequisites, and assist in developing talented individuals within the organization.

We provide a comprehensive plan to identify leaders who have the most significant potential for growth and to assess their readiness to grow. Clients use our leadership assessment and leadership development services to:

  • Identify and assess competencies, skills, and success factors of leadership
  • Identify high potential leaders and successors
  • Assess current bench strength
  • Design and implement individual and team leadership development strategies
  • Monitor and evaluate development plans