Woman practicing meditation under the sun

Every day, leaders must show up for work. Showing up in its purest defined form means to appear. However, leaders must do much, much more than arrive at work Showing up at its most productive state is bringing all our genuineness and energy to the present moment. It requires us to be authentic and to … Read more

Coaching Problem Solvers

Person solving a rubix cube.

One of The Aware Leader’s blog series, Leader as Coach, places an emphasis on assisting your employees to find their own answers to their own challenges, to be problem solvers. You may have thought that this is not always possible. “Sometimes I do have the answer to the problem” or “What if I am the … Read more


Sun shinging down through water onto brain coral in the ocean

Aha! Moments One of my daily exercises is to complete the USA Today crossword puzzle. I enjoy trying to beat my previous time for completing a crossword. Sometimes though, despite the underlying hints given to solve a puzzle, I find the clues obtuse. When I do, I set the crossword aside. On most occasions, when … Read more